Here are 3 simple tools that spark 'light bulb' conversations....the sort that gets to the heart of the matter. And the sort that high performance cultures relish and mediocre ones avoid

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Values Cards: All leadership starts with self leadership. Use these Values Cards to get to grips with what inspires you. Then engage your team - what lights their fire?


30-day challenge cards: leadership is about 'doing' not 'knowing'. Yet the gap is widening. We know more about leadership than ever before - yet it's not rampant. Turn the tide. Practice the tips and leadership wisdom on each card for the next 30 days. 

Motivation Index: Don't put your motivation in anyone else's hands. Own it. Every 100 days pause and reflect on your commitment, energy, competence and confidence. Use the Video Coaches to shape a real-time development plan.

30 Day Challenge

Leadership is a discipline. And like any discipline - practice makes perfect. Only problem is, there is a huge gap between what leaders 'know' they should do, with what they actually do. These 30-day challenge cards are a simple antidote. In our frenetic, full-on, busy lives, these cards act as a simple nudge. Daily prompts to cultivate the right behaviours until they become a powerful habit.

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Motivation Index

This 40 item questionnaire puts every employee in control of their personal motivation. Alongside this are over 80 video clips on how to maintain high motivation or improve low motivation. By completing this every 100 days, an employee gets real-time data on developing greater happiness, productivity and personal effectiveness.

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